Friday, February 11, 2005

Gannongate Gannongate Gannongate!

If the serial ass-whuppins Democrats have been getting at the national level haven't convinced you we need to work on our use of language, nothing will. George Lakoff has been transmitting, but not enough of the right people are receiving.

Well here's a chance to make some headway, dropped into our laps like hot military manna from heaven.

Referring to the Talon/Gannon/Guckert thing as "the Gannon story" or the like is lame. Hasn't anyone been paying attention to how the Republicans do this?

If Dan Rather can be driven off the air with a -gate consisting of nothing more than bradcasting a story that (a) was indisputably accurate, (b) used documents that were undisputed in their content but were (c) of questionable provenance, this surely rises to that level.

Gannongate! If we all speak in one voice and hang the -gate suffix, now synonymous with scandal, we add legs to this vital story. So come on and get with the meme program...


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