Friday, February 11, 2005

Putting the Gallup/Gannon Poll in context

A couple of days ago, I pointed to the The Left Coaster's dismantling of the recent Gallup Poll that claimed Dubya's approval numbers were soaring.

Here's what the reality-based polling community thinks:

The public's confidence in President Bush's job performance and the nation's direction has slipped in the opening weeks of his second term, particularly among people 50 and older, according to an Associated Press poll.

Adults were evenly divided on Bush's job performance in January, but now 54 percent disapprove and 45 percent approve. The number who think the country is headed down the wrong track increased from 51 percent to 58 percent in the past month.

The survey wasn't all bad for the Bush administration: People are slightly more optimistic about the possibility of a stable, democratic Iraq (news - web sites).

The poll, conducted for the AP by Ipsos-Public Affairs, was taken after the president's State of the Union address and the elections in Iraq and at the start of a heated debate over creating personal Social Security accounts.

How Gallup can get away with such nonsense is beyond me.


Blogger Mike Reynolds said...

Never trust any news service with a name like "Talon", "Eagle", "Patriot", "Redwhiteblue", "Republic", or "Excellence". Rule of thumb -- if it sounds like the title of a corporate sales meeting, it's not real news.

Mike Reynolds

11:01 AM  

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