Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Good Old Fashioned Book Burning

ALA | Parents censor high school literature and are allowed to burn books they find offensive

Recently [story posted Thursday, February 3, 2005] a book that was being used as part of an English assignment was confiscated from freshmen at Norwood [Colorado] High School due to references of paganism and an alleged magnitude of profanity.

Here in Norwood, a small group of parents sent letters to Superintendent Bob Conder, expressing their concern over, "Bless Me, Ultima," a book being used in the classroom as a literature book. Conder said the books, about 2 dozen in total costing $6.99 each, were pulled from the classroom, and designated to be destroyed. The parents approached the superintendent and asked that they be able to burn the books instead of the school janitor destroying them.

Conder granted them their request, as he has the right to dispose of them. Conder informed the School Board in a letter after the fact.

This is frightening on so many levels. I guess I am not surprised that there are folks out there this narrow-minded -- that people feel there is a need to prevent their kids from even seeing stuff like this. But I have trouble imagining that there are people out there who actually think book burning is a good thing.


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