Saturday, February 05, 2005

Jesus' General reviews Dobson @ Amazon

Patriotboy is a subversive little weasel, and never seems to break character. Here he gives a review on the Amazon site of Dobson's paean to corporal punishment, "The Strong-willed Child."

While I agreed with Dr. Dobson when wrote that parents should beat their kids with sticks or paddles rather than with bare hands, I wondered why he didn't mention electrical cords, catte prods or stun guns. I like to call the latter, "Jesus' Thunder." Nothing get's a kid's attention faster than 50,000 volts of electricity arcing between two contacts.

Go here to see his takes on Lynne Cheney's girl-on-girl bodice-ripper "Sisters," The pro-slavery book by Douglas Wilson, and a few other classics.


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