Monday, February 07, 2005

Kay Warns U.S. Not to Repeat Iraq Mistakes in Iran

The U.S. official who declared the White House's hunt for illicit weapons in Iraq to be a failure driven by faulty intelligence has warned the Bush administration against repeating its mistakes in the current war of words with arch-foe Iran.
"There is an eerie similarity to the events preceding the Iraq war," David Kay, who led the search for banned weapons of mass destruction in postwar Iraq, said on Monday in an opinion piece in The Washington Post.

"Nuclear weapons in the hands of Iran would be a grave danger to the world. That is not what is in doubt," he wrote.

"What is in doubt is the ability (of) the U.S. government to honestly assess Iran's nuclear status and to craft a set of measures that will cope with that threat short of military action by the United States or Israel," Kay added.

David, David, David. Your warning will fall on deaf ears. If they don't think there were any mistakes made, they will not be interested in hearing about how they shouldn't repeat them. Iraq ihas been a spectacular success -- where have you been?


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