Thursday, February 10, 2005

Wingnut poll: Nobel Peace Prize for Dubya?

Yup. They seem to be seriously asking the question, Does George W. Bush deserve the Nobel Peace Prize?

Their answer appears here:

Nobel Peace Prize for Bush urged
Geopolitical expert Jack Wheeler says 'W' most deserving by far

Dr. Jack Wheeler writes, "There is only one individual among all humanity who has brought actual real freedom and democracy to tens of millions of people in our day, and who has both the capacity and determination to bring actual real freedom and democracy to tens and tens of millions more. It is, quite frankly, ludicrous to suggest that there is anyone on this planet more deserving of the Nobel Peace Prize than George W. Bush."
Wheeler's subscribers-only piece goes on to describe what is being done to prepare Iran for freedom.

"Iran has already begun to swarm with small teams of CIA (together with British MI6 and Israeli Mossad), Delta Force and other SpecOps," writes Wheeler. "U.S. fighter jets violate Iranian air space constantly now, luring Tehran to turn on air defense radars so they can be 'templated' in order to develop in the words of one Pentagon official, 'an electronic order of battle' to take out the nuclear facilities."

Silly me. I was holding onto anachronistic ideas about peace and war being antonyms.

Perhaps they could get previous winner Henry Kissinger to hand the award to him.


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