Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Rice: Iran Can't Delay Nuke Accountability

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice (news - web sites) put Iran and Europe on notice Wednesday that their negotiations over Tehran's nuclear program cannot go on forever.

Nearing the end of a fence-mending tour of European allies, Rice said the United States had set no deadline on the Iran talks, but she also said the Bush administration had not changed its view that the United Nations (news - web sites) should step in to get tougher on Iran.

In Washington, President Bush (news - web sites) said the Iranians needed to know that the free world was working together to send a clear message: Don't develop a nuclear weapon.

"And the reason we're sending that message is because Iran with a nuclear weapon would be a very destabilizing force in the world," Bush said.

"I think the message is there," Rice said at a news conference at NATO (news - web sites) headquarters. "The Iranians need to get that message," she said, adding that Tehran should know that "there are other steps" the international community can take.

And so ends the kinder, gentler US foreign policy. We are serving notice that our exit strategy from Iraq is not to send the troops home, but to Iran.


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