Saturday, February 12, 2005

Bush budget boosts funding for faith-based initiatives

While President Bush is proposing budget cuts to many domestic programs, he's seeking more funding for his faith-based initiatives.

Jim Towey, who heads the White House Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives, says Bush has asked for an additional 150 million dollars -- a 63-percent increase -- for five programs. The money would be used for maternity group homes and programs for drug treatment, prisoner re-entry into society, mentoring the children of prisoners and the Capital Compassion Fund.

Towey says the increases reflect Bush's belief that the initiatives -- many of them in partnership with religious charities -- provide effective service and more options to those in need.

As we have already seen with Shrub's support of abstinence programs, Bernard Kerik, etc., not to mention his "belief" in WMDs in Iraq, what this fool believes is highly correlated with the objectively false. So despite the existence of a "reality-based" scoring system created for the express purpose of finding out which programs really work, the Administration makes decisions based on Dubya's intuitions.

I am sure it is just a conincidence that his inuition results in the transfer of millions of tax dollars to his political base, and away from agencies with unionized civil servant workers.


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