Sunday, December 12, 2004

Weekend Diversion, Part Tres - NBA - Bad pass: Kobe-Karl rift over Vanessa Bryant

The Kobe Bryant-Karl Malone feud has turned personal, with Bryant accusing Malone of making a pass at his wife at a game.
Malone's agent, Dwight Manley, said then that Malone was furious at Bryant, and also said private, personal attacks were involved, but would not elaborate.

Bryant elaborated plenty on Sunday.

He said he had phoned Malone, who has a home near Bryant's in Newport Beach, after Vanessa Bryant told her husband on Nov. 23 that Malone had made inappropriate comments to her that night at the game at Staples Center.

Bryant said he called Malone and told him, "Stay away from my wife. What's wrong with you? How could you?"

Malone was unavailable for comment Sunday. Manley did not immediately return a phone call from The Associated Press.

Manley, however, told the Los Angeles Times: "Karl wants to give you two messages. He never hit on Vanessa, nor would he. In fact, when he first heard (the accusations), he said, 'You have to be kidding me.' As for the comments he made to her that offended her personally, he told both her and Kobe that night that he apologized."

Lest anyone forget...

Bryant is the defendant in a civil lawsuit accusing him of rape. The lawsuit seeks unspecified damages for pain, scorn and ridicule the woman says she has suffered since her encounter with Bryant at the Vail-area resort where she worked in June 2003.

You could call it a bit of delusional paranoia. Or, on the "takes one to know one" theory, perhaps his complaint has some credence.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I see you compared Bryant to MJ in an earlier post, but if Kobe actually believes the shit he's spinning, it seems like a more fitting comparison is to OJ.

8:23 PM  

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