Sunday, December 12, 2004

LiberalOasis: Ginned Rummy, part Deux

Everything you need to know about what a callous, incompetent conglomeration of slime Don Rumsfeld is (as if you needed any more "everything you need to know" encapsulations) is encapsulated in this piece about his fateful Q&A in Iraq last week.

Turns out the Donald got virtually the same question back in May. His sidekick, General Myers, gave the questioning grunt a hand job.

GEN. RICHARD MYERS: ...You do not have all the up-armored humvees you need...

...Production is ramping up this month...We're trying to get them to you as fast as we can...

...It's not a matter of resources, it's a matter of how fast can we build these things and get them over here.

And yet, when the same question came up last week, Rummy did his best imitiation of his bambi-in-the high-beams boss before telling our troops to take their shrapnel like men. Guess he felt he needed to give "cool, calm, collected, don't-give-a-fuck" a rest and went with "is this my butt or a hot rock? don't-give-a-fuck" for a change.

One of the most encouraging (OK, one of the FEW encouraging) things I have heard in recent weeks was the roar of approval from the other soldiers when Army Spc. Thomas Wilson spoke truth to power. I wonder if such things happened 18 months into Viet Nam.

Update: Make that 15 months ago when Rummy first stroked our boys in Iraq about armor. And here is along list of articles about the subject dating back to October of 2003


Blogger Reviewer Supreme said...

The problem with you American liberals is that your commitment is only skin deep. You talk about the warin Iraq with distain yet you do little to change the situation. In fact I garantee the fact that you are immersed in the problem rather then being a part of the solution. Speaking as a neutral Irishman I see the half-baked liberal opposition as being as big a disgrace as the driven lunes in charge.

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