Thursday, December 09, 2004

Weekend diversion (a few days early) -- Wrong MJ

L.A. Kobes star Kobe Bryant is catch a rash of shit about now, most of it richly deserved.

What were the Lakers thinking this summer when they let Kobe Bryant dictate whom the team acquired in the offseason?

Everyone knows they were desperate to re-sign Bryant, but once you give up that type of power to a player, he isn't giving it back.

Since making his free agent power play this summer, Kobe already has helped exile Shaquille O'Neal, Gary Payton and Derek Fisher. Kareem Rush was given away last week for two second-round picks.

Tuesday, Bryant nailed the door shut on a Karl Malone return to the Lakers.

Dissing one of the 50 Greatest is not a Phi Beta Kappa move. But there is more. The article goes on to say that Bryant is acting like he owns the joint, and has alienated most of his teammates.

The Lakers need to be careful. Word is spreading quickly around the league that while Bryant is an awesome player, he's a terrible teammate. When the Lakers finally have some cap room to go out and lure free agents, what top-tier player is going to want to play there?

A few years ago, everyone was saying Kobe wwas the next Michael Jordan. He is now well on his way to becoming the next Michael Jackson.


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