Thursday, December 09, 2004

Official Who Criticized Homeland Security Is Out of a Job

The man who has issued many critical reports about the mismanagement and security flaws at the Department of Homeland Security was told Wednesday night that he was out of a job.

Clark Ervin made himself very unpopular by issuing a series of stinging reports on security programs that he said had failed, officials he called inept, and fraud that he suspected. His year-end report, out today, alleges that millions of dollars have been wasted or are unaccounted for by the department.

Nothing remotely surprising about this, what with Team Toady running the show. But it did get me thinking.....What is going to happen to that brave/suicidal soldier who rubbed Rummy's nose in the soiled newspaper yesterday -- they gonna fire his ass, too -- with a ticket home? If all it takes to get fired from George's team is a bit of criticism, why don't they all just stand up and raspberry the CIC?

Yeah, I guess Dubya knows their jobs are a far worse punishment than getting fired would be. Different rules for the fodder units. Nevermind.


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