Thursday, March 09, 2006

The eloquence of Richard Cohen

Richard Cohen, that Joe Klein of brain-dead pseudo-liberal columnists, has a column up today that could have been written, and ought to have been written, a year or more ago. Culture of Intellectual Corruption isn't too awful, just pointless, in the way that condemning the Spanish Inquisition or Halliburton war profiteering are pointless -- it might have made a difference once, but that ship sailed long ago. I guess he was too busy denying the importance of Traitorgate and arguing that math is useless to notice what was going on in the White House until now.

But I was struck by the closing paragraph, and this dazzling rhetorical flourish:
Corruption of any kind corrupts. It costs us either money or confidence or both. But intellectual corruption is far more dangerous. It ruins and costs lives.
Wow. Corruption corrupts. Now I know why he gets paid to write, and I don't.


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