Saturday, February 04, 2006


Thanks to each of you who wrote expressing support. If the quantity did not overwhelm, the quality was all I could have hoped for. The next best thing to my very own Sally Field moment, I guess.

Part of the problem here is that I need (again) to work through my own delusions of grandeur. My early success, such as it was, fed into my own fantasies of being able to elbow my way into the inner circle. But I guess this is another one of those “get over yourself” moments. There is indeed value in being one of the many proletarian bloggers struggling to bring down the tyrants – I was just hoping to wrangle a seat at the Algonquin round table. Oh, well.

If the good thing about old friends is that they know you well, then the bad thing is… well, you get the picture. The sad fact is that Bloor is right – I can’t really keep my opinionated yap shut. There is so much evil and stupidity out there, and so little time.

Allrighty then. My petulant hiatus is starting to feel a touch immature. (See, Doctor AWOL? Admitting it isn’t so hard, really.) Back to flogging the fuckwits.


Blogger <-<--esoder<---<----<----- said...

Oh this blows - I must have been Bloggered last night because I wrote a giant essay full of cogent points. And today it is not here. I then went over to the good doctor's post and told him I like him too. Which just sounds stupid without the first post. And I think "Bloggered" will become a real verb faster than "Google" did.

Anyway - I said that I hope you get something out of this too. And if you don't, then pack it in. But if you're on the fence, stick with it because a lot of us dig it and it does help.

Nobody can quantify the effects that Rush and HANNITY and colmes have on voting patterns and opinions. But they do have an impact. A big impact. I think it is the same with Blogging. And the Blog is our world. It's our right wing radio. Right Wing Blogs are all about telling others what one thinks. Notice you can't comment on a lot of their sites, and they are all moderated. For them, it is just another wing of their echo chamber, and often the last audible gasp of the echo.

For us, blogs are often the first blast in to our echo chamber and alot of important trees would fall silently in the forest if it weren't for blogs.

I also prefer this site over DailyKOS. I need a DK squelch or something. There's some great signals, but a lot of noise too. I like a small group and I always take quality over quantity.

I am also over my whole "switch to the dark side" idea. It too feels childish now.

11:39 PM  
Blogger dus7 said...

Blogger has been borked for days and off for hours Saturday. But as to blogging, either you write for yourself or you try to write for others. Remember the boy, the old man, and the donkey? You can't please everybody so use your own best judgement. We excel when we do what we personally do (and like) best. Etc.

1:29 AM  

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