Sunday, January 29, 2006

Completely beside the point

Aravosis joins Obama and Biden in complaining that this is not a perfect scenario for a filibuster, that it might backfire, that we didn't do it right, etc.

You folks are totally missing the point. If Alito makes it onto the court, there won't be a next time. All of the progress you might think we are making in terms of turning public opinion against Bush will not matter. The scandals you think we will tie like tin cans to his bumper will not matter. The nation's disgust with the quagmire in Iraq will not matter. All that will matter is the dictatorship that will have been allowed to take over on our watch. Once that happens, whatever dry powder you still have will be confiscated, and you will not have to concern yourself about the outrages that follow.

Filibuster because it your last chance to fight back. Filibuster because it is better to go down swinging. Filibuster, Senators Obama and Biden, because you sound like Karl Rove's caricature of a Democrat when you take dull blades to your own nutsacks like that.


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