Thursday, January 26, 2006

Ground Zero

Daily Kos: WV-Sen: Byrd supports Alito

88-year-old Senator Robert Byrd, a man who believes talked like he believed more deeply in the Senate as an institution than anyone alive, has announced he will support Alito's nomination.

And why?
A multimillionaire businessman entered the GOP race to challenge Sen. Robert C. Byrd on Wednesday, hoping to deny the 88-year-old incumbent Democrat a record ninth term.

John Raese, 55, said he would campaign on a platform touting free enterprise and reduced regulation, among other issues. "What I'm going to run on is a rebirth of capitalism," he said.

The National Republican Senatorial Committee heralded the filing by Raese, a former state GOP chairman who has sought office before.

Though four other Republicans are running in the party primary, the GOP committee called Raese "the first financially credible opponent Byrd has faced since 1982."

You could argue that the Republic was already dead man walking before Byrd's announcement. You could argue that the blood of our Constitution is on many hands. But for the "conscience of the Senate" to abandon all principle to preserve his office for a ninth term is perhaps the most symbolic betrayal -- the one that history will point to a hundred years from now after this new American Empire finally falls. And his venality will be known as ground zero in the end of our Republic.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Use your influence Blue, send your comment to every website and tell him you did, ask everyone to ask him how the hell he could fail everything he has ever lived for in its worst hour. I remember his speech on why in Hell we were bombing Iraq, a county in which fifty percent of the population was under fifteen. He will come to battle if he is called, CALL HIM!

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