Thursday, January 26, 2006

Timing is everything

There is a great old joke that goes like this:

Dude1: What's the most important thing in comedy?

Dude2: I dunno. what is the most impor...

Dude1: Timing!

Over the weekend I was feeling very depressed about my own trivial impact on the course of politics, and generalized to the blogosphere's general lack of effect in the context of a really good Glenn Greenwald post that I said would have little effect.

Splendid time to throw a hissy fit Glenn's way.

Glenn's heroic piece on the NSA hypocrisy has broken through to the mainstream in a very big way, and they generally seem to be giving him credit.

I stand humbly corrected, and offer Glenn props for a job very well done.

Like I said....



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