Sunday, January 22, 2006


Glenn Greenwald scores major rhetorical points by pointing out the incoherence of the Osama-talks-like-Michael Moore tripe.


The Bush storm troopers flunk Rhetoric 101. BFD. They continue to kick our sorry asses on the playground every lunch hour.

If the Murkun people had even a passing acquaintence with logic, we wouldn't be here. Unless and until the MSM sheeple call them on this, logic is irrelevant. And since the MSM sheeple continue to parrot such nonsense, it is absurd to expect them to call bullshit on their own sycophantic behavior.


Blogger Glenn Greenwald said...

You're right - none of these online/blogosphere debates matter unless they have an impact on the behavior of journalists. But they are starting to. The retraction this week of the Wash Post ombudsman of her Abramoff falsehood, and even the acknowledgment by Matthews of the pressure he was hearing from the blogosphere, demonstrates that what happens with blogs can translate into real impact there.

The reason to continue to expose the incoherence of the GOP smears of the "Dems = bin Laden" type is precisely to have that awareness seep into the media conversation. They read blogs, they are susceptible to the types of attacks and pressure which the blogosphere is just starting to organize and direct at them, and all of that can make a difference.

Very few people are interested in just sitting around online having intellectual masturbation sessions that have no impact. I know I'm not. But it's a slow, griding process and one does have to do the work to expose the incoherence and dishonesty of their rhetoric.

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