Friday, January 20, 2006

The Grenada of Terror

ABC News: 11 Indicted in Eco-terror Arsons

Eleven people have been indicted in recent weeks in connection with a series of arson attacks, including the 1998 fire at the Vail Ski Resort in Colorado that has been linked to the radical environmental groups Earth Liberation Front and Animal Liberation Front.

The announcement of the indictments and the arrests of eight of the people charged was made today at a news conference with Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, FBI Director Robert Mueller and Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms Director Carl Truscott.

Got that? The top two or three law enforcement officers in the country focusing all that energy on ecology extremists.

The FBI has called radical environmental groups the most serious domestic terrorism threat, and estimates the Earth Liberation Front's attacks alone are responsible for damages totaling more than $100 million since the mid-1990s. The fire at an expansion project at Vail caused $12 million in damages, and an August 2003 arson at a San Diego apartment construction project that Earth Liberation took responsibility for did $50 million worth of damage.

$100 million. Over the last ten years or so, that's about $10M a year. And, as far as I know, not a single death attributable thereto.

While we're talking about monetary losses, would you paragons of prosecutorial virtue care to comment on your efforts to go after the folks who walked off with the $8.8B of our taxpayer money that has disappeared in Iraq? Or perhaps the $1M per month overcharges by Halliburton for laundry services? Or the $1B in questionable Halliburton charges?

Or, if you are really feeling your oats, how about how telling us about how you are going to get the folks who actually killed thousands of people on 9/11?

Of course not. History must repeat.


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