Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Thanks again, Ralph

As I wallow in the imminent disaster of the Alito confirmation, and the 287th Democratic meltdown of the last 12 months, and contemplate abandoning these sorry-assed losers, Eric Alterman reminds us that the man who just offered that stirring speech yesterday would have been President but for Ralph Fucking Nader.

Now what?


Anonymous pablo verde said...

first thing i've read of yours i have to disagree with. to begin with, keep in mind that gore won that election and the consequent theft of the white house had nothing to do with ralph nader. then, note as the pussy democrats let them put alito on the court, just like they let them wage illegal, immoral and self-destructive war in iraq, torture, oppress, murder, steal, cheat, lie, dismantle all form of a government of the people, by the p for the p, and line their pockets in the process. face it daddy-0, the democratic party is no longer the loyal opposition, they are co-conspirators, enablers, and only the other side of the same coin. show me one democrat that has the nerve to tell the truth like ralph does. just one. you owe him an apology.

1:53 PM  

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