Sunday, January 29, 2006

Speaking of coincidences

Caught parts of two nuclear-Armageddon-narrowly-avoided movies on TV this weekend. In the first George Clooney plays a very Republican man of action thwarting terrorists in "The Peacemaker." About the only thing interesting about this Hollywood blow- 'em-up (other than the movie's politics relative to Clooney's own) was the fact that a bit part was played by Goran Visnjic, who in effect became the new Doug Ross on "ER."

The other was "Crimson Tide," which though also a typical Hollywood thriller, at least suggests that men of conscience can stand up to power and stop the madness. There are a couple of now-famous actors who I did not recognize the first time I saw it -- James Gandolfini and Viggo Mortensen.

I do try to turn off my brain once in a while.....


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