Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Stranger than fiction

from The New Republic:
Fascinating Post story today on the juicy new book by Britain's former US ambassador that's currently all the rage across the pond. On a less busy day I might explore Christopher Meyer's claims that Tony Blair, "seduced" by American power, squandered the leverage he had to delay the Iraq war until more was known about Saddam's WMD and until postwar plans were clearer. Instead, I'd like to flag this passage, about the day in 2001 when Bush and Blair first met:
That night, the Blairs watched the film "Meet the Parents" with the Bushes. Meyer wrote that Bush "split his sides" laughing when he heard that the character played by actor Ben Stiller was named "Gay Focker."

Imagine Blair's discomfort. Imagine his realization that if there really is a hell, supporting Bush's war crimes has ensured his admission, and that his personal version will be to watch that movie with Dubya for all eternity.


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