Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Lott: Gulag story leaked by Republicans

CNN just reported that Trent Lott is saying that the leak last week of the story about our use of Soviet-era gulags as prison camps for terror detainees was.... a Republican senator or staffer.

Yeah, that one -- the one the Repugs were angrily using to call for an investigation in order to deflect attention from Plamegate, and Torturegate, and so on.

This is what happens when a shark begins to bleed. The other sharks -- especially the ones with scars of their own -- circle and lunge, circle and lunge.

Update: Thinking about this further, it occurs to me that another important question we ought to be asking flows from the fact that the briefing at which this information was shared with Senate Republicans (and, it appears, only Republicans) a week ago. If they knew about American gulags, what did they do about it (other than leak it, of course)? Given their apparent inaction, the default assumption must be that this is yet another extra-legal human rights outrage that is just hunky dory with the majority.

So the press should be asking every Republican who was in that room how they justify the nothing they did about it.

Update #2: Commenters seem to think that the original call for investigation indicates a rift between the moderate and extreme wings of the Republican party. Perhaps, but I don't see it. (I also still don't see any moderate Republicans, but put that aside.) First, the letter was from Frist and Hastert, not Linc Chafee and Olympia Snow. Second, and more important, I just don't see how any of the Republicans can save their asses by turning in their brown shirts. If Bush and Cheney go down, the Repugs are done as a majority party, at least for a few election cycles. They know it, and I think they are going to everything they can to gum up the works.

So that's what I think. But as Michael Palin once said, "I'd like to have an argument, please."


Blogger Maezeppa said...

The gulag story isn't to deflect attention from Plamegate - this is the handiwork of the moderate Republicans who are as hijacked as the Democrats sticking the shiv in and twisting for all it's worth.

Time to pile on, fellas - let's get busy.

3:49 PM  
Blogger Fuzzflash said...

Right on maezeppa. Mid term elections have focused the efforts of the electorally vulnerable. "Like everyone else, we didn't think that a trusted national leader would HOAX us into an unwinnable Iraq war", bleat those in marginal electorates, where the GOP is facing a flogging.

It is a total coincidence that the stockmarket price of Halliburton has recently trebled.

Ask former Halliburton CEO and now Vice President Dick Cheney. He's in the Truth Bunker as we blog.

5:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The fact of the matter is that Roberts, Hastert and Frist have been strong-armed by Cheney to toe the line with his Nazi tactics in the so-called GWOT.

Given Cheney's imminent demise and removal from power, the moderate wing of the GOP will soon reassert control over policy again - and we will see a VERY rapid change of course in America.

The phoenix is rising.

3:30 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

New Rules:

1. Never get into a land war in Asia. Note to White House: Iraq is in south Asia.

2. Never fuck with the CIA. They invented dirty tricks.

8:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love these guys.

I'm never at a loss for new material to use in my new daily comic.


5:46 PM  
Blogger Priest said...

Thanks for no "bat shit" folks................

9:26 PM  

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