Sunday, January 02, 2005

House Considers Weakening Ethics Rules

Republican leaders are considering a change in House ethics rules that could make it harder to discipline lawmakers.

The proposal being circulated among House Republicans would end a general rule against any behavior that might bring "discredit" on the chamber, according to House Republican and Democratic leadership aides. House members would be held to a narrower standard of behavior in keeping with the law, the House's rules and its ethics guidelines.

Other proposed changes to the ethics committee's rules being circulated in a "Dear Colleague" letter from House Rules Chairman David Dreier, R-Calif., would let House members respond to any admonishment before a letter goes out from the committee, and would end an investigation if there is a tie vote.

In the spirit of the Repug House, nexdt time the temperature gauge in my car rises, I'm gonna shoot the gauge.

And what more can you say about that paragon of eithical virtue,David Dreier?


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