Thursday, December 30, 2004

DU - Republicans claim Iraq and Osama weren't worth it

A few choice quotes:

This brash act by a brash child-man is a direct threat to the security of every citizen inside our own borders for the people against whom he acted are non-forgiving and have no fear of death

Given the present set of facts, there is no Constitutional predicate on the basis of which Congress has the authority to initiate war, even with a declaration of war.

In war, there is no substitute for victory. Victory, as commonly understood, with respect to an assault on Iraq, has not been defined, let alone declared to be the objective of any such attack.

The strategic position of the United States in the world may be diminished, rather than enhanced, by an attack on Iraq. Many regimes friendly to the United States will be placed at severe risk if they are seen to assist, or even favor, the U.S. attack.

If we "succeed", what have we gained? If we don't begin a war, what have we lost?

Yes, all from conservatives. The punchline, of course, is that these comments were made during the Clinton Administration. For folks who claim the world is governed by absolutes, these cons show an impressive relativistic skill -- what was terrible idea when Bill Clinton offered it became a great one when proposed by the new "child-man."


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