Saturday, January 01, 2005

Impressive twofer

from the New York Press:

On the Internet, a volunteer army of bloggers escalated their guerrilla war against the mainstream media… Nevertheless, they stay on the margins—because, like all insurgents, they're about sniping, not governing.

—Andrew Sullivan, in Time's "Person of the Year" issue

It's amazing how useful a bad writer can be in exposing the vagaries of mainstream thought.
[M]ore often than not, the gripe about bloggers isn't that they're unethical. It's that they're small. In the minds of people like Sullivan, not being part of a big structure intrinsically degrades the amateur, makes him a member of a separate and lower class; whereas in fact the solidarity of any journalist should always lie with the blogger before it lies with, say, the president. Journalists are all on the same side, or ought to be, anyway.

Not Time magazine, though. Time lay with the president. Time big-time lay with the president. What was great about Sullivan's "Year of the Insurgents" column last week was how beautifully it threw the rest of the "Person of the Year" issue into contrast. Here's Sullivan bitching about bloggers needing to stay on the margins where they belong; meanwhile, his "respectable" media company is joyously prancing back and forth along 190 glossy pages with George Bush's cock wedged firmly in its mouth.

Sullivan is one of the few conservatives I can read for more than clinical purposes. But he can be insufferably wrong sometimes, like in his last Bill Maher appearance. I like the idea of putting him in bed with his Preznit.


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