Wednesday, March 29, 2006

When Corporate America and the Internet collide

I'm sure the folks at the ad agency thought it was a great idea to cross-promote Chevy Tahoe: The Apprentice ® by letting John Q. Public create Tahoe commercials online. What they didn't count on was our subversive little corner of America getting our grubby little paws on it. Via DU, there are a bunch of good ones, but you simply gotta see this.

Go look at it quick before they yank it down. Download Flash if you have to -- it is worth it to see something this funny and subversive on GM's dime. More here. Or make your own.

Update: I did. Joe Bob sez check it out.
Update #2: The director's cut.


Blogger <-<--esoder<---<----<----- said...

Nice! I especially like the Starbucks reference. Have I told you why I hate Starbucks and everyone else should to?

1:25 AM  

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