Tuesday, March 21, 2006

If I ignore it, will it go away?

In a comment to the previous post, Anonymous (not you Anonymous -- the other Anonymous, or perhaps one of the other Anonymi) opines thusly:
Opposition is a form of EMPOWERMENT to the side you are opposing. It gives legitimacy to their arguments by saying they are worth debating. You are smarter than that. I like your style bluememe, but I don't understand why you keep legitimizing arguments that are meaningless. Comment on their absurdity without feeling the need to refute that which holds no water. Go for it.

As Jon Stewart would say, "Whaaaaaaaaaaaaa?"

I'm nobody. I set no agendas. With the exception of the handful of you who wander through here, nobody notices if I take on Republican talking points or fart Auld Lang Syne in the key of E flat. So how do I have an effect by ignoring what the dominant political party says?

Strategy is situation-dependent. When I get to be a senior advisor to a progressive President, I'll be sure to use this tactic to dismiss absurdities like the one (properly) thrown at Shrubya yesterday in Cleveland about the Iraq War helping to bring about the Rapture.

So Anon, you bring me a few hundred thousand of your closest friends hanging on my every word. I promise to ignore Neocon memes that are beneath contempt.

Well, some of them, anyway.

Oh, and thanks for the compliments. I think.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

1) Define the goal ("Winning" is not a goal).
2) THEN: Strategy is situation-dependent.

Ignorance is never bliss. Awareness is a starting point not an end. Be aware, comment if so moved, but do not endorse or oppose. Those actions only feed power to a game which is corrupt in all its forms.

Defining the goal is the HARD part. How to move forward without feeding those things which are wrong? That's the question I meant to point you at. You will be amazed how much real influence by example a clear sighted, objective observer really has. Sides do not need to be taken.

6:14 AM  
Blogger July Canute said...

I notice that you blame Christians for taking us into Afganistan and state that these people will be most upset that a Christian convert will be executed because converting to Christianity is a crime in Afganistan.

The Arab people are not my enemies. They need to sell their oil and we need to buy it. We used to have wonderful Arabists at our state department and now we don't have two people there who can speak an Arabic language.

Bill Kristol is not Christian and I believe he and others of his ilk are responsible for our holocaust in the middle east so I have to wonder why you choose to scapegoat Christians for all of this.

bin laden has stated that he attacked us because of our biased and unfair polices toward israel. How do Jews in Israel treat the Arab people Mr blue meme?

If you wish to take the land of others then you must subdue them as Europeans did to the Indians. Unfortunately for all their talk of being superior the white Jews have never been able to subdue the Arabs and must be the welfare clients of a Christian nation and worm their way into government and media and use their money on behalf of Israel which has become a cancer on the United States.

The entire world can see what Jews are doing on the world stage. The entire world can see what Jews are doing in Israel and everyone can see what Jews are doing in Bush's inner circle and furthermore the entire world knows that John Kerry is a Zionist and that Al Gore would not have taken us into war.

The entire world witnesses Jews urging everyone to remember THE holocaust so it never happens again at the very moment Jews in Bush's inner circle are rounding up Arabs and locking them away at Gitmo without due process and torturing them. Jews should be taking to the streets rather than remembering Nazis and anyone with commons sense can see that.

Rahm Emanuel is the guy who will decide which candidate gets the nomination for the democrats in the next election. Do you think we will get a candidate who will bring about a sane policy toward Israel or do you think we will once again be stuck with someone such as Hillary Clinton who represents absolutely no opposition to the status quo and to Israel? The last time I looked Rahm Emanuel is no Christian.

The next time you wish to defend white jews suppose you put forth an argument and not rely upon statements that make it appear that any criticism of them is merely anti-semitism. The most accurate use of that term would be to describe what white Jews are doing to Palestinians.

It makes no more sense for you to bring up Nazis than it would be for me to bring up Reconstruction. We are talking about the present and not the past. Don't use the past in hopes of getting a pass because that won't work with me. I will not be treated as though I am guilty for something I had nothing to do with and for which I had absolutely no control.

Christians founded and built this nation and have always been in every government office and in court houses across this land.

If what happened to blacks in the old south was wrong then what Jews are doing to Palestinans is wrong.

If ethnic cleansing is wrong then what jews are doing to Palestinians is wrong.

If aparteid in South Africa was wrong then what Jews are doing to Palestinians is wrong.

The biggest crime of the Christian right is their stupidity and gullibility and the fact that they give away their enormous political power to evil neo-cons who hate them and have contempt for them and would do to them what they do to Arabs if they could.

Liberals such as Jon Stewart, Bill Berkowitz, Bob Fertik and others are driving good Democrats out of our party with their hatred and bigotry and I am sick of them. they should form their own Likud Party and stop destroying the Democratic party. I am sick of liberal websites and their scapegoating of Christians for what jews are doing. May they burn in hell.

I cry for America. Its the Arab holocaust I am going to remember.

6:55 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Be aware, comment if so moved, but do not endorse or oppose. Those actions only feed power to a game which is corrupt in all its forms.

9:12 AM  
Blogger July Canute said...

HA!!! Read it and weep!


11:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

July --

How is

anything other than proof of all sides being corrupt? Who are you proposing as the next (different???) dictator? You seem to have a lot of energy. What is directing it?

This is THAT anonymous.

1:20 PM  
Blogger <-<--esoder<---<----<----- said...

I love typos!

OK, so there's a lot in july's comment that I don't understand. (S)he is all over the map. Or rather, the globe.

How do you pronouce that, by the way - like the month or like "Julie?"

It seems like july is starting from the premise that Jews are responsible for all that is wrong with the world and attempts to explain everything within that context. I have a hard time making the leap. While I agree with the notion that the neo-con cabal that seems to be largely responsible for our foreign policy and the disasters it has wrought on our nation, I don't see how it relates to Israel and Jewish people.

Most Jewish people I know are not evil greedy murderers. And there are a lot of evil greddy murderers who are not Jewish. So I don't lump all Jewish people in to the category of evil greedy murderers.

What am I missing, july?

Also - I refute the assertion in the article you cited that 9/11 changed Bush and Cheney's mind about invading Iraq. I believe it gave them the excuse they wanted to do what they wanted to do there all along. And I don't think it has to do with Israel as much as it has to do with war profiterring and oil. Is Halliburton an Israeli company?

And can you help me understand you position on Christians? Are you saying we are a Christian nation? Because if you are, that is simply wrong thinking. We are a nation of laws, not men (and women) or religion.

I don't think Blue Meme was scapegoating Christians at all. His point was that Christian Fundamentalists who tend to support the administration and its policies would have a meltdown if they were to find out that the administration's policies were responsbile for the execution of Christians in Afghanistan.

To sum up, I think religion has a lot less to do with the people in power than you seem to believe. They are just bad people. I think it is fair to attack bad people because of their actions, but it is wrong to attack all people of a religious or etnic group because some bad people happen to be a part of that group. Your thinking is overly simplistic and can lead to dangerous consequences like the holocaust.

11:41 PM  

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