Monday, March 20, 2006

Wanker of the day

Or perhaps, given the significance of the day (3rd anniversary of Quagmire II) and his role in it, Wanker of the Decade.

The Mustache of Freedom, aka Tom Friedman, has another of his trademark columns today, called "How to scare Iran: Pull out of Iraq -- or succeed there." Succeed -- wow, man. Wish I'd thought of that.

Some of what MOF talks about -- how the differences between Persians and Arabs will divide Iraqis and Iranians once the primary unifying force (hating us) is removed -- is probably correct. In any event, I'm in no position to differ, having never interviewed an Iraqi cab driver. But near the end of his piece he goes completely off the rails with this nonsense:
...if the United States were out of Iraq and the United States attacked Iran's nuclear facilities with air strikes, Iran would not be able to retaliate with with its missles against any large concentrations of U.S. military forces nearby.
Tom, I'd like to introduce you a wonderful tool called the Internets. If you poke around, you'll find that the United States has a bunch of warships in something called the Fifth Fleet in the Persian Gulf (think about that name, Tom-- as in, like, Persia). And if you are dilligent, you will also learn that Iran has cruise missiles that can sink those ships at will. I think an aircraft carrier five miles off the coast of Iran counts as a "large concentration of U.S. military forces nearby," don't you?

Friedman's rantings are a clear and present danger. I will have a longer piece coming out on Raw in a couple of days that lays out how awful things may soon get, thanks in at least small part to the exemplary wanking of the Mustache of Freedom.

Update: More crumbs in the mustache.


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