Sunday, January 08, 2006

Short DeLay fuse?

Booman Tribune collects a few of the shivs in Tom DeLay's back for easy reference. And there are so many -- maybe comparisons to Il Duce swinging on the meathook sixty years ago are more appropriate.

All of which has me thinking about the Newtonian mechanics here. Physics tells us that when you push against an object, the object pushes back. Will DeLay go quietly into that good night, or will there be an equal and opposite reaction to the trashing he is now taking?

Right now DeLay seems to be in a no man's land between singing star Abramoff, whose new best friends all have offices at the DOJ, and the former friends now trying to shove him into the trunk of the Republican Party's Cadillac. The Republican dons largely held their tongues after Scooter took the fall, and they seem to have found him a nice cushy think-tank couch to sleep on while they count on him to keep his yap shut. If they don't find a similar way to take care of DeLay, he could take all of Washington down with him.

And wouldn't that be a crying shame?


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