Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Will anyone check his answers?

The press was all atwitter yesterday about the fact that the Sun King deigned to take a couple of questions yesterday. Which is, of course, just swell. But, um, does it matter what his answers were?

Somebody asked him how many total Iraqi deaths there had been -- a number that is not common public knowledge, since wogs insurgents are simply not as valuable as Murkin lives (except on those days when the Pentagon uses body counts to show effectiveness). Anyway, His Shrubness claimed that the total -- and the question very specifically asked for an all-in number -- is 30,000.

Todays' Independent online reports that there have been that many civilian deaths. The number of insurgents (the word has not been banned in the UK yet -- get with the program, Tony) killed is nearly double that again: 53,470.

But I guess we are supposed to be so thrilled that our glorious leader conversed with a commoner that we hardly notice that he's still full of shit.

A few other stats given in the article: more journalists have already been kiled in Iraq than were killed during the entire Vietnam war; 82% of Iraqis are strongly opposed to our presence; 70% do not have a working sewer system.

Mission Accomplished.


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