Thursday, December 22, 2005

Here we go....

Dozens of Sunni Arab and secular Shiite groups threatened to boycott Iraq's new legislature Thursday if complaints about tainted voting are not reviewed by an international body.

A representative for former Prime Minister Ayad Allawi described the Dec. 15 vote as "fraudulent" and the elected lawmakers "illegitimate."

A joint statement issued by 35 political groups that competed in last week's elections said the Independent Electoral Commission of Iraq, which oversaw the ballot, should be disbanded.

I know, we've been here before. But this is likely to spiral very quickly into yet another big time factual refuation of Republican sunshine. It has been widely reported that the result of our cure-all Iraqi election will be -- surprise, surprise -- an Iran-friendly theocracy. The folks we naively thought would bring truth, justice and the American way to the heathens have been rejected by said heathens, who have made it clear that they would like to stay heathens, than you very much.

Now the losers are crying foul. When no one trusts the basic fairness of the system, that's what losers do. (Are you watching, Senator Kerry?) The Sunnis and Vichy secularists have a pretty good idea how this movie ends (cf. Iraq's new bestest friend, Iran), and they are not going down without a fight. That fight may well make the last three years look like tame by comparison.

Desperation led our ruling Junta to put all of its chips on the success of this election. But as many predicted, the election is likely to serve only to accelerate Iraq's descent into ever deeper levels of Hell. What horizon will the Junta point to after yet another mile stone turns out to be another millstone?

It also said the more than 1,250 complaints about fraud, ballot box stuffing and intimidation should be reviewed by international organizations such as the United Nations, the European Union, the Organization of the Islamic Conference or the Arab League.

There was no one available for comment at the U.N. office in Baghdad, but a world body spokesman in New York rejected a review.

"The U.N. is not going to conduct an independent review of the election results," U.N. associate spokesman Robert Sullivan said.

Anybody who thought the U.N would ride to the rescue this time needs to put down the crack pipe once in a while. The UN made it very clear long ago that this clusterfuck is ours and ours alone. Bail out the perpatrators and beneficiaries of the war they tried to prevent and had the balls to call illegal? Yeah, sure.

All the Administration whispers about drawing down troop levels are likely to stop. And full speed ahead for our endless war.


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