Thursday, December 22, 2005

Glenn Greenwald: Do Bush defenders place any limits on his "wartime" power?

No, they don't. And as Glenn notes, Digby knows why.
They are rhinestone cowboys who are scared to death and don't know how to contain their fear. So they lash out at their domestic political enemies, who they can bluster about and pretend to be tough, while hiding behind the military uniforms of their Big Brother and Preznit Daddy (which is a real stretch when it comes to Junior.)

The fact that they continue to win elections as being the tough guys perhaps says more about our puerile culture than anything else. They lash out like frightened children and too many people see that as courage or resolve.

Violent Islamic fundamentalism is a serious problem, not an existential threat. And it's a difficult problem that requires adults who can keep their heads about them when the terrorists put on their scary show, not big-for-their-age eight year olds staging a temper tantrum.

I think there might be some real value in emphasizing the coward meme in dealing with the willfully blind -- overwhelming evidence and appeals to reason certainly haven't shaken them. OTOH, cowards are likely to react badly when their cowardice is thrown in their faces, so it is a pretty risky move.


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Just had a chance to catch up on your past few weeks work. You really are good, thank you, not only that you have gotten better since I first started reading your work a year or so ago.
Thank you and Happy Holiday of your choice, and a very Happy and Joyous New Year!

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