Friday, November 11, 2005

Primitive life forms survive in space

from New Scientist:
Lichens can survive unprotected in the harsh conditions of space, a European Space Agency experiment discovers.

The organisms are a composite of algae and fungi. They are commonly found on the surface of rocks on Earth and can survive in extreme conditions such as high mountains latitudes. Lichens are the most complex form of life now known to have survived prolonged exposure to space.
The algae and fungi that make up lichens exist in a symbiotic relationship. The algae provide the fungi with food while the fungi offer the algae a cozy living environment.

This experiment suggests a solution to a vexing earthly problem. If you substitute lobbyists for algae, and Republicans for fungi....


Blogger Tom said...

Or, as a British agricultural mockumentary put it, telling of a highly efficient farm where "The pigs eat the chicken shit and the chickens eat the pig shit."

Tom Parmenter

4:00 PM  

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