Thursday, November 24, 2005

Another reason to avoid Michelle Malkin's site

via Yahoo/Reuters:

Ignoring useless information aids memory: study

Filtering out useless information can help people increase their capacity to remember what is really important, researchers said on Wednesday.

Scientists at the University of Oregon in the United States have demonstrated that awareness, or visual working memory, does not depend on extra storage space in the brain but on an ability to ignore what is irrelevant.

There is an old joke about how a professor of icthyology eventually stopped trying to learn the names of his students because every time he learned the name of a student, he forgot the name of a fish.

Which of those two categories is really more worthy of retention is not clear to me. But compared to the value of what I see when slumming though right wing blogs, I'd rather hold onto valve diameters in Chevy small block heads and pi to eight digits.


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