Saturday, October 29, 2005


Random meandering led me to a blog called the Witlist, which seems well written and damned funny in spots -- witness this:
Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald declined to announce a deadline for the removal of a team investigating the leak of a CIA agent's identity, declaring that such a move would only encourage the insurgents currently occupying the nation's capital.
If the prosecutor were to bring new charges, he would have to impanel a second grand jury. Fitzgerald refused to comment on whether a new jury had been selected. However, he said his team has made excellent progress in training Congressional Democrats to defend their own territory.

"As they stand up, we will stand down," he said.

But then I scrolled down and found another post that I was sure had to be a spoof, but isn't: the Watergate/Traitorgate story I didn't know is that a bit player in Watergate, and a protege of Donald Segretti, was a then-greenhorn Karl Rove. Really.


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