Thursday, October 27, 2005

OK, DO let the door hit you in the ass

From the New York Observer via Next Hurrah, Miller Negotiating Terms of Potential Departure:

Reporter Judith Miller and The New York Times are in negotiations over the terms under which she would possibly agree to leave the paper.

According to a source familiar with the discussions, there are three issues on the table. The first is how much severance Miller would receive, the second concerns whether she will be given space on the Op-Ed page to answer critics and the third is whether the Times and Miller will issue a joint statement defining the terms of her departure.

Miller declined to comment. Miller’s attorney, Robert Bennett, and Times lawyer George Freeman, did not return calls for comment.

Multiple sources sympathetic to Miller’s case said they did not anticipate Miller leaving until her conditions were met.

“The sense I have is that it’s not a question of dismissing her. If she won’t go, she won’t go,” said one source.

On Monday, the Observer reported that Miller had met with publisher Arthur O. Sulzberger Jr. Today, The Wall Street Journal reported that the meeting had touched on severance.

Miller's potential departure is complicated by the fact that she is protected by the Newspaper Guild’s contract with the paper. The contract limits the paper’s ability to fire employees at will.

A source with knowledge of the proceedings said Miller has not ruled out legal action if her proposed conditions are not met.

“She will not leave under these circumstances, not in a defamatory atmosphere,” the source said.
Couple of things. If Miller is not an at will employee, she can only be fired for cause. So, Pinch, in case you don't have anyone there suggesting these things, here are a couple of causes you might want to take a look at:

- Incompetence
- Insubordination
- Incompetence
- Theft of company property (aka conversion)
- Oh, and did I mention incompetence?

Judy Miller, enabled by the Pinch she had firmly between cheek and gum, has already hijacked the newspaper of record and made it into a neocon mob propaganda rag. Are you really going to ransom off what is left of your reputation to the very buffoon who decimated it?

Yes, I believe you will. And I'd wager the reason has precisely nothing to do with Judy's reputation. What this elaborate dance is really about is the dirt she has on you, isn't it, Pinch? I just cannot imagine another reason you have let her fuck up for the last two decades on your nickel.

So I'm betting you'll pay, and auction off your soapbox to buy her silence on your personal matters.

Do us all a favor, Pinch. Fire Judy, and then resign. Then the both of you can take your soiled linens to the Jerry Springer show, where I am sure they will be appreciated. And give us back our goddamned newspaper.


Anonymous pablo verde said...

that's what i mean. pithy as hell on toast. the nail hit on the head and the best headline i've seen in months.

7:03 PM  

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