Monday, August 22, 2005

Iran: A Bridge too Far?

My response to Commander Codpiece's posturing at Iran has generally been "You... and what Army?" Recruiting shortfalls that are the inevitable consequence of the clusterfuck we expect people to volunteer for. And so I was focused on the manpower problem as the key reason even folks as wiggy as the neocons would not dare start another war.

Then I heard Mark Gaffney read this essay on the radio.

Oh. My. God.

The combination of the geography/topography of the Gulf and their advanced weaponry give Iran an absolute, non-debatable advantage in the Persian Gulf. All of our Navy ships (and all oil tanker traffic) there are sitting ducks, and no known defensive technology or strategy will change that. If we attack Iran, they will kick our sorry asses unless and until we use nukes. Which will please the rapture monkeys, but should scare the rest of us shitless.

Read it. Twice. Good luck sleeping tonight.


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