Monday, August 22, 2005

There goes the neighborhood


We had an incredible evening yesterday up at the new Camp Casey site. Now, as you read the rest of this post, keep in mind that the new site is literally within spitting distance of Bush's ranch-- though we wouldn't actually spit, as we're trying to behave ourselves. And besides, why stoop to vulgar behavior when we have a sound system so loud the words "No more war!" can surely be heard in the man's bedroom?!? Other statements that boomed over the loudspeaker tonight, besieging Mr. Bush and his pro-war agenda...

Justin Frank's "Bush on the Couch" points out an amazing number of serious pathologies holding permanent resident status inside Dubya's impermiable cranium. One of the interesting things I learned from that book is that Bush's obsessive control of his routine is part of a desperately needed coping mechanism.

If the protesters are able to screw up his sleep patterns, I could easily imagine the resulting stress being enough to push his fragile pysche past the point where his handlers will be able to hide the grinding of gears. Sure, they will be able to stop him from ordering silence via aerial bombardment. But unless they keep him from making any public appearances at all, sooner or later somebody is going to push his buttons too hard, and the resulting meltdown will immediately signal to millions of slow learners that maybe they didn't want to have a beer with ol' Dubya after all. And that could help bring his 30's approval rating down into the 20's.


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