Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Golden Palace "inks" another deal

Sparks woman sporting new tattoo after selling head in online auction
Some might call it creative advertizing, while others call it flat out insane.

You may have seen it before, it's a new trend in advertising, selling ad space on bodies. It's been on boxers in prize fights, and even on a pregnant womans belly. Now, a Sparks' woman is going great lengths to presue her dreams.

Molly Demers is a pretty normal 20 year old. After completing culinary school, she decided she wanted to go to Europe to hone her trade, but going to abroad costs money. So, she got an idea off the top of her head.

"I went to culinary school and my parents were very supportive, and paid for that, then I came to them with this idea, and they were like 'pay for stuff yourself, you're older now.' So, boom, I got the eBay idea."

The idea was to sell her head as ad space to the highest bidder. She offered to shave her head and have logo tattooed on the back and top of her head. The agreement is good for one year. After that time, she can grow her hair back, or get the tattoo removed.

The highest bidder, Golden Palace Poker dot com, paid an astonishing $18,000.

Before you question Ms. Demer's judgement, consider Kari Smith, who sold more prominent real estate:

-- and only got $10 grand. Shrewd. Very shrewd.


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