Monday, May 16, 2005

Leaving nothing to Chance (the gardener)

McClellan Says No Need to Notify Bush in D.C. Scare

I guess if those of us outside the Kool-aid circle know what a mindless doofus Dubya is, it stands to reason that his handlers know it to infinity and beyond, and have systems in place to protect themselves from his stupidity. That explains the decision to let him him ride his friggin' bicycle while his wife and 30,000 of her closest friends fled. After "My pet goat," I doubt they let him near the football.

I guess we should consider ourselves fortunate third party beneficiaries -- what they do to protect their own asses sometimes helps us, too.

Read the full E&P piece, which quotes Scott McLellan tap dancin' away from the closest the WH press corps has come in some time to actual questions.


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