Friday, May 13, 2005

Betty Bowers was there first

Is Fabulous President George W. Bush a Fabulous Homosexual? Baptists Are Saving Homosexuals asks what conservative Christians demand to know

A reader of the latest Raw Story piece points out that the intrepid Betty Bowers has been questioning the direction of Dubya's current for some time. Fun stuff.


Blogger Stu Piddy said...

I read something by you on raw story. I posted a couple of comments to Bush and Gannon.

How did Bush get that black eye? He said he fell of his sofa. It happened at the Whitehouse I beleive. Wasn't it on a Sunday? He was watching a sports game on TV . On that date was Gannon in the Whitehouse? Someone should look into the time lines of Gannon and Bush. Gannon is a male dominatrix, a top. Bush has a lot of head problems.

I made a comment also to your perceptive piece on Bush written long ago on his psychological make up. Please read it. He is self destructive.

10:45 AM  

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