Monday, May 09, 2005

Separation of Church and State (from the Constitution)

Americans United: Church Split In North Carolina Shows Dangers Of Partisan Politics In Pulpit, Says Americans United

H.R. 235, a measure introduced by Rep. Walter Jones (R-N.C.), would allow clergy to endorse candidates from the pulpit and still retain a tax exemption of their house of worship.
Yes, this is serious. They have their ownwebsite. The bill has a 165 co-sponsors. They have a pretzel-logic euphamism - the 'Houses of Worship Free Speech Restoration Act.' They have you-can't-even-see-reality-from-here talking points.

And like all good wingnuts, they have no answer for the obvious, even-Homer-Simpson-gets-it answer to their lament -- give up your tax-favored status (which is surely a law 'respecting an establishment of religion') and Uncle Sam will be more than happy to let you advocate that George W. Bush descends directly from the Virgin Mary, or that the rapture gets your clothes whiter, or whatever lame-ass, alternative-universe drivel floats your boat.

At any other point during the last 50 years, this outrage would have lasted 30 seconds before the Supreme Court smacked it down. But with Monsignor Scalia and Reverend Thomas driving, all bets are off.


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