Friday, May 13, 2005

Can't imagine why therey are having trouble meeting recruiting targets - Armor issued despite warnings
The Marine Corps issued to nearly 10,000 troops body armor that military ballistic experts had urged the Marines to reject after tests revealed life-threatening flaws in the vests, an eight-month investigation by Marine Corps Times has found.

In all, the Marines bought about 19,000 Interceptor outer tactical vests from Pompano Beach, Fla.-based Point Blank Body Armor. According to a government memo, the vests failed tests because of "multiple complete penetrations" of 9mm pistol rounds and other ballistics or quality-assurance tests.

Defective flak jackets. Unarmored Hummers. Thousands of tons of high-energy explosives that walked out of ammo dumps and into a gazillion roadside IEDs.

Can't imagine why Michelle Malkin, Jonah Goldberg, et. al are not helping to "bring it on."


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