Sunday, April 24, 2005

Sen. Levin Releases Newly Declassified Intelligence Documents on Iraq-al Qaeda Relationship

Now that the American public seems to have swallowed the absurd "blame it all on the CIA" explanation for the total disconnect between reality and our Iraq invasion rhetoric, the Administration seems to be so confident that they have literally gotten away with murder that they are even willing to allow us to see documents proving them liars. They have the media so well trained that they can declassify information that completely undermines their story -- they know it will never displace the michael Jackson trial or Wendy's finger chili on the front page or in the public consciousness.

Carl Levin's own website provides the facts. His conclusion:

As a key part of its case for going to war, the Bush Administration repeatedly suggested that Iraq had a significant cooperative relationship with the people who attacked us on 9/11. The documents provide new, previously classified details demonstrating that Administration statements about the Iraq-al Qaeda relationship were not supported by the underlying intelligence.

In less genteel language:The CIA intelligence wasn't the problem. The lack of intelligence in the white house was the problem.


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