Friday, April 22, 2005

John Dean barks at the moon

FindLaw's Writ - Dean: An Update on the Investigation Into the Leak Of CIA Agent Plame's Identity

John Dean wrote a pretty good piece on where we are on the forgotten Plame investigation. And he makes a pretty persuasive case for JudithFuckingMiller doing a stretch of hard time. But when he gets righteous at the end, he shows a rather tenuous grasp of the ways of an administration much like the one he served:

By now, both reporters, highly sophisticated and as knowledgeable as they are, have long known that they will have to pay their fines, and serve their time, except in the unlikely event that the Supreme Court takes their case and overrules (or clarifies) Branzburg.

But there is one other event that could - and should - save them: It is time for anyone who leaked information to either of these reporters to step forward and reveal themselves.

This is particularly true if the person (or persons) who leaked information to Miller and Cooper was also the person (or persons) who leaked Valerie Plame's CIA identity to Novak and others. For that source to watch Miller and Cooper go to jail for their principles, would be craven indeed: A case of the innocent suffering to benefit the guilty, for as I have explained in a prior column, the leak certainly appears to be a federal felony.

Only Miller and Cooper's source(s), by stepping forward, can prevent a potential miscarriage of justice. He or she must do so forthwith.

I have emptied my snark clip into the two-legged evil running our country many times in the six months I have been blogging here. I try not to unleash much friendly fire. But Mr. Dean, with all due respect: it does not flatter a man of your station and seniority to smoke crack like that. In case you hadn't noticed, "innocent suffering to benefit the guilty" is not merely a by-product of this administration's good works. It is their raison d'etre. It is their shibboleth. It is numbers 1-8 of their real 10 commandments. (9 is "Thou shalt steal," and 10 is "Blame the proles.") It is the unified field theory of Republican quantum mechanics.

And if you think shame is going to lead the felon who outed Valerie Plame to stand up -- if you think anyone in this White House gives a rat's ass about the "miscarriage of justice," you are as naive as you were when Richard Nixon first hired you.


Blogger Dr. Bloor said...

Sigh...ever think that sniping at John Dean would be considered "friendly fire?" A pretty good measure of just how far down the toilet the republic has swirled over the past few years...

11:19 AM  

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