Sunday, April 24, 2005

The Denver Three

The "privatization" of taxpayer-funded public appearances of the President is one of the unambiguous evils that stands a decent chance of tarnishing Shrub's undeserved reputation as a Joe Sixpack kinda guy. (It is also illegal and an affront to all things Constitutional, but I have given up expecting Mr. Sixpack to care about such things.)

The "Denver Three"" -- the folks thrown out of the Denver Bamboozlepalooza tour stop, have a website.

...Monday, March 28, the Secret Service called three everyday people into their offices to discuss why we were kicked out of a presidential event in Denver last week where Bush promoted his plan to privatize Social Security. What they revealed to us and our lawyer was fascinating.

There we were - three people who had personally picked up tickets from Republican Congressman Bob Beauprez's office and went to a presidential event. But as we entered, we were told that we had been "ID'ed" and were warned that any disruption would get us arrested.

After being seated in the audience we were forcibly removed before the President arrived, even though we had not been disruptive. We were shocked when told that this presidential event was a "private event" and were commanded to leave.

This story cries out for publicity. Let's give it some.


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