Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Want to know what Bush thinks? Read Sharansky

The great interest in the Israeli government minister responsible for Jerusalem and Diaspora Affairs, [Natan Sharansky,] does not derive from the way in which he is carrying out his duties, or from his heroic past as a freedom fighter in the Soviet Union, but rather from the fact that none other than United States President George W. Bush has enlisted in the publicity campaign for his new book.

The brand new secretary of state, Condoleezza Rice, told Sharansky about this in November, when she was still serving in her previous role as national security advisor. She said she wasn't reading the book because it is a best-seller, but rather because the president is reading it, and she had to read every book that her president reads.

Pity poor Condi, having to read "every book that the president reads." how does she keep up?

My guess is that by now she can recite "My Pet Goat" from memory.


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