Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Federalist Society teams up with Swift Smear media firm

from the Moonie Times, believe it or not:

Supporters of President Bush's judicial nominees have hired the same media firm used by Swift Boat Veterans for Truth for their efforts to defend the next nominee for any upcoming Supreme Court vacancy.

The aggressive media style of Creative Response Concepts (CRC) will be met by a "war room" already set up by the liberal People For the American Way (PFAW) on the other side, indicating that the next Supreme Court fight is likely to be one of the nastiest in history.
CRC made a splash in the summer promoting the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, the group that questioned the legitimacy of Democratic presidential candidate Sen. John Kerry's war medals, his claims about his Vietnam War service, and his anti-war stance upon returning to the United States.

The group has been hired into the judicial battle by the Federalist Society, the influential conservative judicial organization from which many of Mr. Bush's nominees have been picked.

The Federalist Society, as Boyden Gray intoned on Fresh Air this morning, is a "debating society." So how come a friendly little group dedicated to the art of balanced verbal pugilism needs to hire the bare-knuckle team that helped to bring you "Swift Boat Veterans for Truth?"

Perhaps it is because the Federalist Society ain't your ordinary debate club. The Federalist Society is to debating as Tony Soprano is to "waste management." You can get a bit of the flavor on these folks here. Their membership list -- Scalia, Bork, Starr, etc.-- tells you what these guys are about. They are deadly serious about turning the courts upside down with a very specific agenda. And they are very, very close to the tipping point. When they are done, everything you believe about what courts are supposed to do and the very idea of justice will be as quaint as a hoop skirt.

CRC's public client list is here. It includes paragons of virtue such as Regnery Publishing (Swift Smear, Michelle Malkin), the RNC, the Christian Coalition, and the Contract on with America.


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