Tuesday, February 15, 2005

One Week Later, Gallup Says Bush Approval Rating Has Fallen From 57% to 49%

Last week we picked up the Left Coaster's reporting on that absurdly biased Gallup poll that showed Bush's popularity soaring -- as did every major media outlet (leaving out the biased sample part, natch).

The Left Coaster read the fine print, and appeared to have generated enough heat to force them to cheat a little less the next time, which sends the results tumbling to earth:

A week after the most recent Gallup Poll for CNN and the USA Today claimed that Bush’s approval rating shot up to 57%, using a sample that had a 9 percentage point advantage for the GOP over Democrats (37% GOP, 28% Democrats), Gallup came out with its own poll last Friday. This poll, not done for CNN or USAT, and not bull-horned through the media and seemingly lost in the late Friday news dump, shows that Bush’s approval rating plummeted in one week to 49%, with his disapproval rating now up to 48%. As yet, I do not have the party ID breakdowns from Gallup on the Friday poll, but I suspect they will show something less than a 37% GOP-28% Democratic breakdown.

How often is there a 16% swing in a public opinion poll in one week?

The answer is never, of course, and L.C. explains why these results are so utterly bogus. What he can't explain is why this poll, which is based on an accurate sample, is getting nowhere near the press play as the one that preceded it. Couldn't be media bias....


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